Why volunteer?

The most important thing here is that it is about the children first and you second.  As you can imagine these children do not have the compassion, love and care that athey should be given.  Many come from traumatic backgrounds, but have been  given the chance of recreating their lives under the wings of SOSCV. 

Where you play a part is in delivering compassion, fun, support and love.  Please do not underestimate the task that you are about to undertake as it leaves the children with a a positive legacy and you with an indelible smile on your heart.

Tyrone setting up for movie night.

What does a volunteer do?

The main objective is to support the village in the school holidays, by giving respite relief to the mothers and also to teach the children new skills and games that they can replicate and continue when we have left, thus enabling sustainable play and learning.

The trip is organised so that you have the opportunity to interact with the children and mothers in order to pass on your skills, whether it be sporting, academic, reading stories, cake baking, sewing, foreign languages, virtually anything.  The overriding factor is that you have the desire to help and are willing to share your skills. 

As the trip will be structured you will have time to do various events and sessions if you so wish and also to learn from other volunteers and the children themselves.There is also time built in for a visit to a rhino sanctuary for a day of relaxation.

Everyone can make a difference

I am interested tell me more?

The next trip will take place is taking place in late September 2017 for 10 days. 

The trip cost include flights, accommodation and car hire.  Spending money will be required for trips etc.  This is self funded so you may wish to raise all or part of this via sponsorship. We can help you with events, ideas, forms and a full JustGiving event page to make sponsorship easy.

As you would expect, working with children requires certain checks to be carried out to ensure their safety.  As part of our screening procedure you will need to have a criminal record check to ensure that you can safely work with children. 

There is a selection procedure to ensure that this trip is suitable for all parties.  We will supply you with an information pack, detailing clothes to wear, jabs required, costs etc prior to your commitment to going.

Once you have decided that you definitely want to go, the committee will assess your application and the deposit of £100 must be paid to secure your place.  You will also need to start the ball rolling in terms of jabs, etc.

If you are interested in joining us please send an email on the contact us page, and we will invite you to our next Trip Information Evening taking place in May.

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